• Performed by Caelen, Grace, Amelia, Finlay, Emille, Palomma, Faith, Esther, Measha, Gael, Azura, Amelia, Alayla, Leo, Sky, Georgie
  • Written by Natasha Langride & the children
  • Filming by Constantine Gras
  • Photography & Editing by Constantine Gras
  • Supported by Westway Trust and The Hollick Family Foundation

This was a performance by the Kids Drama Club on food and how it brings people together. Under the guidance of Natasha Langridge a poem was created and performed by the Kids Drama Club at the Small Gallery at Morley College on 23 March 2024.

An excerpt from the poem:

Drop tablespoons of the dough into a hot pan  
with vegetable oil  
until they are deep fried  
Then roll in caster sugar. 
Let’s eat!