A Poem for 2024
  • Starring: Alison Baugh, Marijana Debelic, Susana Moreno-Delgado, Natasha Francis, Latoyah Gill, Sharon Harris, June Martin, Ilhem Oubaiche, Gillian Lee Wray, Grace Zikpi
  • Written by: Natasha Langridge & the Actors
  • Directed by: Natasha Langridge
  • Assistant Director: Tamara Camacho
  • Photography & Editing by: Constantine Gras
  • Funded by: RBKC Grenfell Recovery Peer Support Programme
  • Supported by: Venture Community Association

A poem about rage and how to use it by residents of North Kensington in collaboration with Renegade Theatre.

"... where is the light in your   
eyes, in the sky feeding the  
flowers in the earth my friend  
making us grow  
Anything is Possible  
the Flames are amongst  
us and we are coming  
we are coming  
hold my hand  
hold it ..."