Selwyn and Simone
  • Starring: Natasha Francis, Deemas, Sharon Harris, Susanna Moreno-Degado, Grace Zikpi, Alison Baugh, Gillan Lee Wray, Isis Emlak, Piers Thompson, DJ Cormica
  • Written by: Natasha Langridge & the Actors
  • Direction: Natasha Langridge & Constantine Gras
  • Production Assistant: Marijana Debelic, Shelia Ruiz
  • Photography & Editing: Constantine Gras
  • Original Artwork: Junior Tomlin
  • Wings: Angels Costumes
  • Funded by: RBKC Grenfel Recovery Peer Support Programme

A drama about grief, dub reggae and dance made by North Kensington residents in collaboration with Renegade Theatre. Funded by Grenfell Adult Peer Support Programme.

“Selwyn was your neighbour, yeah, he was your friend, he was your lover. He was my playful brother, but I know he’s everyone’s son. A whole year our hearts have ached, lights out, he’s gone. His smile, his love, his hat, but I know he’s still looking out for us. Next time you look to the sky, you’ll see everyone’s sun and if you listen hard enough, I bet you’ll hear him say Cheers!”

Selwyn and Simone was debuted at the Portobello Film Festival on Saturday 2nd September, 2023.